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Who we are

Julita’s Garden is being organized as a women-lead, medical cannabis company in the state of Missouri that will cultivate high-quality medical cannabis for the state’s patient community. Founded on the passion to relieve the suffering of Missouri’s most vulnerable community, Julita’s Garden believes that providing education, superior quality products, and environmental accountability will not only produce an economically profitable business, but also provide hope and healing to the local community.

At the core of the company, Julita’s Garden is a responsible and engaged community partner. The company will not only focus on quality medicine, but also on environmental sustainability. Julita’s Garden will be seeking the highest-ranking sustainability certification from the CLEAN GREEN organization on its greenhouses. By implementing green practices, Julita’s Garden will achieve long-term sustainability both environmentally and economically.






We hold ourselves to the maximum standard in everything we do. This includes reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact by creating practical and sustainable measures that work to abate our overall costs. OUR PURPOSE PRODUCE SUPREME QUALITY MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR MISSOURI PATIENTS Julita’s Garden is dedicated to the success of the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program and will help the program become one of the best in the nation by providing exceptional quality medical cannabis cultivated through organic practices using living soil in greenhouses.




We believe in building a work environment that is diverse and inclusive where our staff feels valued and engaged. We are committed to a workplace where everyone shows one another integrity and honesty, a space that encourages a free-flow of ideas and demonstrates clear policies on expected work results and behavior. SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY Our mission is built on helping patients within the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program and enhancing the local community economically. From our operations, to our sustainability and growth, we keep our company patient-focused and community-first.